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Soul-stice / Solstice

Why Not?

If death is inevitable, if it is a sure

thing that this face, these hands,

this body that holds a lifetime of this living,

will, someday, no longer be here,

if you don't get to take a single thing with you—


why spend a moment more refusing,

worrying about who might disapprove,

measuring every move

as if there is some fixed formula you must

find? Why hold tight to anything?

Why not, instead, love every honeyed drop of yourself,

why not leap into life—belly-laughing

and light, light like the soft kiss of moonlight,

light like the light that you are,

have always been, will always be—

why not take this quickly passing day

by the hand and dance

like there's no tomorrow? And if you're too tired

to dance, why not rest lightly here

just as you are?

~ Julia Fehrenbacher

Solstice = Sun stands still..

Pause..breathe deeply..

Focus more on what you are grateful 🙏 for in this life journey.

Those we've loved & lost..

Those who were kind hearted to us..

Worked to bring some laughter..creativity onto / into our world.

Laughter is..the best medicine ; especially when combined with generosity of character..

Our internal nature ..affects others !

Let us strive to ALLOW a better ( best ) version of ourselves .

Sun..Mercury..& Venus all amplifying water sign of Cancer ♋️ the Crab 🦀

Our deep feelings ..even when held tightly within ..are now driving you.

The Captain of the moving ship..navigating our emotional depths..our mysterious Moon ruled sign of Cancer ♋️

The Full Moon..Strawberry Moon over June 21st/ 22nd..brings up longings for change.

Time to assess are making / allowing others to drain you.

Psychological/ Intuitive work on self is highly favored through July 8th.

Take a pause ..

Ask of your own innermost self..

How am I doing ...REALLY ?


Work on those answers .

Any dissatisfaction dramas !

Time for ALL of us to..check ourselves !

Seek that posture..that commitment to..

Level Up !

Self improve !

Stop being so stuck in fear based emotional quicksand !

Sink or swim !

Do it !

Ready for a most helpful..healing..self empowering intuitive consult?? peace with this soul experience called life !

We are all products of our experiences!

You have fresh choices as this life..all the people we interact with give us both lessons ..


Some ..are VERY VALUABLE teachers !

We grow..shift into better behaviors by what we we got we grew beyond just..expectations !

Own your weak points ..then craft them into personal strengths !

You got this !

Get "unstuck" from the past !!

Let it accepting the valuable lessons it brought you!

💥 boom 💥

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