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Mary has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:

Clairvoyant Readings

Astrological interpretations / Insights regarding your Love, Luck, Career and best timelines for each year!. Clairvoyant readings granting valuable guidance /advice on all matters of your priority interests!

 Divine Source messages /answers on all your personal questions!.

hour sessions will be scheduled (pre-paid) mdusina@rocketmail,com

only $150.00 


At each month's NEW MOON CYCLE!

Next live show:

March 6th 2019 

Host: Joe Rupe 





Angelic Guide Sessions

My ANGELIC GUIDES will connect up with your own HOLY GUARDIAN order to OFFER YOU Divine INSIGHTS regarding current issues!


This is designed to be a holistic / Angelic counseling consult, where I help guide you into healthier resolutions!

One Hour phone session-$125.00 


Personal Holistic Healing      Meditations Seminars


I appear at the seasonal changes:

Equinox - Solstice points each year to provide ceremonial healing / lectures assisting clients and attendees regarding the current celestial & holistic energies!

Appearances at lectures occur in Blairsville ,Ga.  


Monet's Italian Cafe

Blue Ridge Street

Downtown Blairsville!

Next Lecture will occur in March 2019



Compatibility Sessions

Enjoy learning in depth compatibility times of a year -

PLUS the power point connections AND challenges of your loving partnership!

Both birth charts must FIRST be configured / analyzed by me PRIOR to our phone consult!

-One hour phone session



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