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Full Moon Broadcast ♍️

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Click the link below to enjoy the Celestial Forecast insights of our March 6-7th Full Moon..&

The all important SATURN in Pisces ♓️

" Captain of consequences " effects for your Zodiac signs!

Our last Saturn in Pisces ♓️ occurance

( transit is the Astrological terminology)

Started in 1993..

Main thrust of the Saturn effects were 1994/ 1995..

Look back..oh time all your overcame during 1993-1995!!!

Here is your link

Click on it will take you over to the YouTube channel you go to my sure to hit the like 👍 button on the bottom of the podcast banner!

It's start time is 8pm Eastern time


Blessings upon 🙏 you ☆♡☆


With Saturn " moving into" the zone of Pisces ♓️ in your own birth chart over March 7th for 3 years..


March 23rd .

PLUTO ( yet another significant Astrological planet / sign shift) into Aquarius ♒️..these specific places

-called " houses" in Celestial jargon, are where & HOW each of us undergo huge personal life changes ahead.

March into May 2023 are our game changer months !

Get your Celestial Chart reading!

Mystic Mary

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