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Moon Day 5-13 2024.

Updated: May 14

As our moon is lit up in Solar Star sign of Leo ♌️ 5-13..

The ruling agent of sign Leo ♌️ The Sun, is meeting up to Uranus in Earth sign of Taurus !

This week..13th -19th..

Jupiter & Venus dance in Union with our Sun in Taurus also !

Most fortunate indeed .

Soul Smiles !

Even Solar Maximim cycle 25 is allowing profound Geo Magnetic Solar Storm waves of resplendent colors upon our Earth Mother !

Such powerful VISIBLE Signs & Wonders to Behold !!

Amplifying your soul ✨️ ♥️

"Each person carries a lock,

thinking that another person holds the key

to the love within them,

not realizing that the key they possess

unlocks their own heart,

enabling them to find love for all.

For when they love another person more than anything,

their heart will remain locked,

but when their love for themselves touches all,

it is unlocked forever."

Words by Tahlia Hunter

Themes :

On The Energies

Today and we have a Uranus/ Sun Conjunction. This is a Uranus Cazimi. This planetary connection happens once a year and always shakes you up and pushes you outside of your comfort zone. Expect more confidence and the Universe to be encouraging you to take more risks. Expect major transformation in your life. Our Uranus Cazimi is in Taurus. The Planet of awakening and sudden change travels into the heart of the sun. This can bring major changes overnight. These energies are bringing a huge purification and more clarity. These energies are bringing a brand new cycle. Today Venus forms a supportive sextile to Saturn in Pisces. Venus is Planet of relationships so this is helping you to let go of and clear karma that may be affecting your relationships. This week’s energies are all about clearing the shadows of your past. It’s all about commitments and long term commitments. It’s helping us to find stability in our relationships. We are still manifesting in the New Moon energies until the 17th. The reason being is that was the final New Moon in the next 12 years that we experience while Jupiter is in Taurus. Next week’s energies are all about manifesting and building the new. It’s all about working towards those manifestation goals. We are in high energies still over the next few days. This will actually be the luckiest week of the year. Expect it to bring miracles. The Universe and its stars are aligning for you in a big way. It’s all about creating the reality that you want right now. This week starts off with energy that could bring shocking twists of fate and sudden surprises. Expect huge shifts to take place this week.

Next up..our Full Moon in Sagittarius ♐️

Ruled over by Jupiter ( wisdoms !)

Truth COMES to Light !

Now !

Release deep annoying anxieties!

They do you no benefit !!

Let go..lean into Sacred Spirit !

Mystic Mary

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