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Libra Eclipse ♎️

Libra energies at a Full Moon eclipse resukt in huge wake up call types of drama regarding our significant others!

Libra / The symbol of

The Scales of Justice..

When to GIVE

What we take..

Are you taking TOO MUCH?

Giving enough truth?

Discovering the lies?!

Libra also is our mirror 🪞

Mirror mirror on the wall..

Who is real..where we fall..

Big exposures of data arrive ..

On into April 21st

Several planets in Pisces ♓️ at this March Full Moon can make us wanna

" Go to sleep" Until it's all over !

Venus / Mars / Neptune / Saturn..

Reality checks !

Dream time brings messages that Enlighten!

Write them down!

Truth breaks through our Ego 🔒locks!

Music 🎶 meditation contemplation !

Go deeper..


Holy Sprit Come !


Mystic Mary

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