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Jupiter / Uranus alignment

Updated: Apr 20

April 20th a new bold 14 year long Celestial cycle begins !

You'll read many versions of this planetary meet up that starts over 4-20!


Earth 🌎 Frequency upgrades occur !

Saturday inspirations

April 20 2024

A significant Celestial meet up.

Jupiter in Taurus ♉️ meets up with erratic Uranus in Taurus ♉️.

♉️ Taurus is our Earth 🌎 experience.

Mother Nature..

Flowers..Herbal magnificence..

Sounds of our seasons..

Birds 🐦 clouds..rain..rainbows..

Sunshine sparkling all around a day..


And our fabulous Moonlight streaming through the woods !

Escaping the material world 🌎 tensions witnessing a marvelous outdoor star scene..

Witnessing our dogs playing..kittens zooming around the yard; a young child's laughter.

Taurus ♉️..core level physical pleasures.

Letting go of JUST constant worries .

This once every 12-14 year line up that allows a catharsis..

The pendulum is swinging BACK in a direction of sovereignty.

Soul strengthening skills!!!

We humans finally waking up to externally driven nefarious Ops agendas" designed to manipulate our Divinity!

This Potent Cosmic Taurus star 🌟 point activates a Pisces ♓️ Planetary cluster of Saturn..Neptune ..Mars and as of late April; Venus comes into power in Taurus ♉️ also for three weeks!

Pisces is water..

Emotion..( Energy set into motion!)



Thoughts not only ARE THINGS..

but AS / IF we further their powers by giving voice onto them..

It creates form.

Look closer at WHAT you are saying.

What you are " choosing " as your beliefs!"


How or...ARE my chosen beliefs now serving the highest good.

We..ALL have responsibilities in this !

I have a very strong SENSE that our new Astrological transit of Pluto in early degrees of humanitarian Aquarius ♒️ now exposes & ERADICATES twisted attempts to beguile & hypnotize WE THE PEOPLE..

EARTH 🌎 CITIZENS here on our Galactic missions to EVOLVE with Supernatural Grace !

We are SPIRIT..


Rulers..Govt.control dictators attempt to accelerate a energy that collapses our REALIZATION of just how powerfully connected we are !

We must activate ..(continually ) a more dedicated drive..a daily connection to being ONE with the loving resplendent light frequencies!

You..yes..YOU ..are an integral agent of Sacredness .

Awaken to the longevity of internal powers.

There is..spiritual warfare ..

Dark vs The Light/ this incarnation have & are gifted ..

Given FREE WILL to choose our course of action.

Choices equal manifested consequences !

Lean AWAY from anxiety ..fear based thoughts..mental stressors.

Mother Earth is a healing amplifier.

Let your biological Earth Mother..your home planet ..soothe your troubled spirit..mind set.

There exists TWO types of energy drives:

That which drains you..people..places..or habits..behaviors


That ..who..what..where UPLIFTS YOUR SPIRIT !!

Make the choice NOW..

Witness the energetic dance !!!

Be around what UPLIFTS your soul!

Discipline your own ego..look deeper at why..where..YOU allow the negativity to bewitch you.

It's's the right time in your life to be a disciplined agent that allows..fortifies love's Light Forces!

We are effective in manifesting changes that enhance bliss..

Soft sweet moments..

Humanitarian happiness .

It's activated NOW.


Thank you !

Mystic Mary

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