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Jupiter enters Gemini ♊️ May 25th 2024

Updated: May 26

Astrologically..Jupiter is the

"BEST OF "AGENT in our Celestial charts!

Jupiter "expands" potential!

Now..not since 2012 enters Air / Mental / Etheric/ Spiritual awakening sign of Gemini ♊️..the Twins!

Looking at BOTH SIDES of our choices..& how our decisions affect our mental health factors becomes the main theme !

It's now a year long timeline to assess our overall psychological state.

How..are continual stressors..tension zones..critical reoccurring problems impacting us..internally ??!!

Jupiter / Zeus in Greek mythology is the Director of our FATE our CHOICE to evolve beyond..or remain stuck in destructive pressures..unfair personal scenarios YOU KEEP yourself locked down in..MUST...WILL BLOOM OR BLOW UP precisely WHERE changes must happen. are the main component!

Are you..

Being just.."affected"..or "infected" due to these overarching energy "effects!"

It's that "accumulative " dynamic of what you..yourself are doing ..or..NOT DOING ; to finally release the constant repetitive tension zones orbiting all around you !!!

Time to CHOOSE BETTER. or expect the higher stress roll puts- simply put-Not since Jupiter was last in sign Gemini ♊️ for a year long stay

(2012 through 2013) has this specific upgrade happened!

Look back..time travel BACK to that year!

What were the MAIN LIFE challenges & needed changes ?

A significant death ?

A brand new partnership that helped you evolve beyond old habits ??

Old inhibitions are in the target / radar zones 2024 into Summer 2025!

Divine Energies are in the background of our key pressure areas...

It's a Guardian Angel..Fairy Godmother coming forth to bolster fated alterations !

It's this :

You can learn it "The hard way or the right ways!"

These next life changes..altered circumstances are FATED to occur now either way!!!

The time has come..

Stagnation must be shattered !

Teachers..teachings..New psychological knowledge benefits much !!!

Your choice..

Stay "Stuck" mentally..allowing culmlitive stress to derail you..

Mentally ..emotionally ..which DOES..WILL further to impact your overall health...OR..

EVOLVE into fresh wellness options !!!!

Gemini ♊️ Sagittarius born are most in the Celestial spotlights of major life changes!

The Tarot card #6 The Lovers is a reference..

Looking at both sides...seeking understanding ..liberation in key partnership modalities.

Family..significant relationships ..etc.

Break anxiety !


How is my constant own anxiety..nervous energy affecting

《 INFECTING》my potential peace of mind !!!!

Change must occur.

Jupiter our reborn Morning Star 🌟 is elevating signs Gemini ♊️ ♎️ Libra / Aquarius ♒️ ..over the next year..Since Jupiter is STRONGEST in opposite sign to Gemini ♊️-Sagittarius..It is illuminating the partnership zones for our Sagittarius ♐️ born!Jupiter "expands" issues order to finally gain liberating insights !Jupiter in Gemini / 5-25-2024..:IMPORTANT ..LOOK BACK TO 2012..THIS WAS THE LAST TIME JUPITER WAS IN GEMINI..2012 into 2013!!!!!For :Aries-3rd Celestial house / zoneBetter word / speaking / learning cycle !Taurus -2nd house / all financial matters become clearer..Great cycle to sell..expand monetary knowledge. Gemini ♊️- you are in the Jupiter 1st place spotlight!Ask..what DO I want more of in my life over this next year long cycle !Think back to 2012..what & how did you choose to enlarge your personal life !?It's "Go Goal time !"P.S. Jupiter in ones on sign can expand one's weight / waistline much easier.Cancer ♋️-12th zone / house..This is the Cosmic realm of our MOST PRIVATE issues..wants / needs/ frustrations / fears/ where we need to heal it !Your sign is intuitive..charged up with intimate life most likely will be rising up from intense emotional / personal life changes.A breaking away from former commitments..learning to navigate needed "good-bye" recovery.You've grown "because of the strength it will take to rise up BETTER..NOT BITTER!Leo-11th house..Closest friends..allies rally closer. That precious life experience of TRUE tribal supporters blooms 2024 into most of 2025.You'll be amazed at just how much another's kind deeds empowers your own "bounce back recovery!"Virgo -10th house..Top goal achievement modes ignite!Where do you WANT / NEED to close out contracts !??It's needed! Look back to business connections ..lawsuit agreements..contractual pressures..Get UNSTUCK!Better is on your horizon.Close out negative draining contracts .Sell it..move forward.Powerful accomplished  business icons can step in to assist you.Libra-9th..Foreign attractions..different lifestyles..cultures..exotic romantic connections now appeal to you.You WANT ADVENTURE..Scorpio -8th..psychic/ mystical growths!Sacred Divine Alignment moments ! Supernatural abilities..otherworld spiritual expression..even..certain transitions / deaths & how your life alters because of that "ending"!Another blesses you via inheritance or even a "lottery" sort of event.Sagittarius-7th house..HOW ARE THOSE Significant other partners affecting you..!!!??Time to have WAKE UP moments on healing/ resolution of intimacy important partnership either improves ..or now shatters !

Capricorn -6th celestial zone ..Wellness factors..holistic healing cycle.Focus is NOW toward YOUR healthier choices !!!Does it ( drain you or uplift you !?)Pets...those needing loving attention or even rescue arrive's not only YOU helping the animal(s) ..but ..MORE HOW THEY will harmonize your life 2024-2025!!Aquarius- 5th zone position..Those younger than kids..grandkids..come to the forefront all year long.How are their actions..needs impacting your life now.Are you the viable older wiser advisor ?How might you steer their life beliefs or help psychologically?They indeed could have deep internal / secretive struggles going on that you could monitor & guide them along better with.You..are a creative powerhouse now over this year long Celestial cycle of favor ! unexpected "birth" can surprise .."pregnant with possibilities"Go for the gusto.Pisces -4th zone..Family..home matters..Mother figure..Female wisdoms..learning more about your to better overcome your deep seeded anxieties!Psychological upgrades..counseling may be needed as you get TOO OVERLOADED with minor issues that affect YOU majorly!You tend to need TOO MUCH control over external matters..or attempt to DIRECT other people ..BACK OFF!YOUR anxiousness is harming your physical health now !!!Lean in to de-stressing !What became too much tension in the year long cycle of 2012 into 2013??Look not at "who triggered you" But..more at how YOU DIDN'T process it or What stress did to your own wellness factors!!Your stomach is the teacher !!Is your digestive area..acid buildup ..ulcers..intestinal issue roaring up??!!Bet it has been!STOP " EATING / DIGESTING " Swallowing all your mental stressors. Stop being an emotional victim.Get help.Now !☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆▪︎☆☆☆☆The GEMINI ♊️/ Sagittarius areas of our Natal ( Celestial birth charts)Are the specific houses / axis sector that is in the spotlight for May 25 2024 into Summer 2025!!!Jupiter..although the "Best Cosmic "placement in Astrology-Also EXPANDS ..So..all of us better CHOOSE Wisely ..Will our tension / problem areas need to blow up..BEFORE we choose to correct course over the next year???Choices = Consequences!It's up to us !!!Summon your Almighty I Am Forces..Invite the Holy Spirit upon these life areas !!!It works !!!

Mystic Mary

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Rev. psychic
Rev. psychic
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Rev. psychic
Rev. psychic
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