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Eyes 👀 that..WILL See


Here is me churning out a totally subjective interpretation of the Venus in Aquarius transit, which you are going to lap up because it creates the perfect blank canvas onto which you can project your deepest hopes and aspirations.

Here it comes (all velvety, nice and soft):

Venus meeting Aquarius is presenting us with an opportunity to meet each other (Venus) and each others' needs (Venus) in a radically new (Aquarius) and ultimately liberating (Aquarius) manner.

It is furthermore inviting us to look at how the needs (Venus) of the collective (Aquarius) can be set free (Aquarius), taking our concerns (Venus) beyond the realm of the merely personal.

I can take this one step further, if you like, so that you may gauge the extent of your gullibility.

Here we go (Even warmer and smoother now):

At a deeper level, this transit grants us a unique (Aquarius) insight (Aquarius: air sign, mental) into how the need (Venus) for our individuality (Aquarius) can be woven into (Venus: connecting with) the needs (Venus) of the collective (Aquarius).

Why is it important to consider?

Your relationships are not going to radically change. They are going to stay exactly as they are, until you, irrespective of what is going on in the sky, take action to change them.

No one's concern is going to be about the needs of the collective. Everyone's concern is just going to be themselves, as it has always been.

Moon at Full phase in discriminating Virgo ♍️ with The Sun / Saturn / Neptune in Pisces opposed..brings out CRITICAL areas of our private lives that radically need our attention !

What NEEDS healing is coming out fast & furious !

Be it our most personal intimate relationships with lover or family ..children or parents..IT NOW MUST BE faced !

Healthier options are required or the sheer toxicity & stress effects will hit maximum tension !

It's located ..this "Dis-Ease"..where you are all twisted up..torn up with stress is deep inside your expectations..hopes..fears of ANOTHER PERSON you EXPECT to solve DO IT FIR YOU !!


It's your issue..yours to face up to now!

Simply put..

When you're "Sick & Tired" of being

Sick..and tired all the time ..You'll seek changes!!!

That time is NOW!!

Virgo reveals the path of discovery & disciplines now needed!

Do the WORK!

Stop constantly criticizing or whining!

Positive results need dedicated energies with daily effort.

Know your values !

Our building Virgo ♍️ Moon at Full phase will light up "critical " energies..

Are you giving out criticism??

Are you on the receiving end of another's harsh judgements?

Pisces ♓️ rules institutions of health care..nursing homes..hospitals..The E.R.eruptive moments ..full moons heighten sudden needs..intensity!

Virgo & Pisces are the two signs that represent OUR ACTS OF SERVICE !!

Think of the nurse or health care worker that does those grunt chores of cleaning up body fluids for a patient post surgery..attending to that person's Bowel movements..vomit..changing wound bandages !!!

Virgo is our TASK oriented chores..

This Moon REMINDS us to awaken ..

Take better care of our health ..our dietary challenges..allergies..

Why not research WHY your health conditions can indeed be implemented via food choices for example .

Have you REALLY studied the effects on your body of diet drinks ??

Using canola oil in cooking ??

Perhaps TOO MUCH processed food or lunchmeats??

The SIDE EFFECTS of those daily medications ??


The medical / pharmaceutical industries don't for the most part care ..they are after all A BUSINESS that profits from one's health challenges !

Remember 2020..the bizarre mandates..Forced RULES ??!!

How pharmaceutical/ political control mongers threw out scare tactics to normalize government controls over your own health / body choices & rights ?

High -jack modes to fill up THEIR financial pockets..all prompted by waves of FEAR..

STOP the madness !!

Where are our societal STANDARDS of equitable choice.


Not..of course just from websites run by our govt.or medical control freaks.

Listen to podcasts out of just this country.

There are sincere heroes ..nurses..doctors...M.I.T. virologists that have & continue to expose the truths behind fear based marketing campaigns designed to inoculate YOUR sovereignty.

Virgo Moonrise will further bring out truths & deceptive agendas that have roots in our recent past.

Pisces grants Divine Source answers of how we can indeed DETOX from fears.

Rebuild our health via natural

essential oils etc.

And...our devotion to Sacred Source Spirit!

Prayers / Meditations / Ceremonial practices that involve YOUR own dedication to SOUL STRENGTHENING!

Virgo reminds us..ONE MUST DISCIPLINE the practices..DEVELOP our discernments ..APPLY daily dedication!

Choose better!

Move from Faith as a Force !

Believe you can heal..then stay the course!

You can't fix a problem by just doing the same things that created it in the 1st place !!!!

Study...implement change !

Rise up above your private angst !

This Full Moon REVEALS our personal private fears !

So we can finally see a better way .

Virgo ♍️ also governs & heightens matters orbiting around our pets..all small animals / thus / animal supply stores..ex: Tractor Supply / Rural King..

TAKE EXTRA STEPS to insure your beloved pets are secure!

Pisces rules larger animals..

Pisces is the sign & annual time each year that anomalous events or discoveries can occur involving ocean life

..deep water trenches..( Ex.Mariana trenches) aquatic life & concerns involving oil rigs..oil productions..ocean toxic oil tide / algae blooms..

Any sea life / ocean matters!!!

Underwater Space ships etc

Virgo is more the Earth 🌎 mysteries..

People going missing in National Forests..Sasquatch..Big Foot sightings for instance..

Earth shakes or quakes..

Stay ⚠️ alert

Mystic Mary

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