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Dueling Eclipses

Updated: Apr 9

Aries ♈️ Supermoon eclipse podcast

Moon now waning in sign Pisces ♓️

Mars..Saturn..Neptune all in Pisces ♓️

We are now directed to SEE.

Many ..Will be drawn to the SEA 🌊 areas..

Mars rules over thus American Solar's in Pisces ♓️

We ARE heading into deeper healings!!!

No fear mongering allowed!

With Mars & Saturn aligning ..

We are being "SHOWN" just HOW our anxieties are creating internal illness issues !

Awakening to ONE doesn't need to attempt to DIRECT OR CONTROL every financial directive..CEASE the worry / panic over what you spend $$$

Lean more into the Divine canopy of assistance!!!

We DO all have Angelic Guides..

We DO have SUPERNATURAL power..WE CAN CHOOSE to embrace the Holy Sacred Source!


Choosing better .

Releasing fears..

Healing old toxic addictive behaviors ..patterns of responding/ reacting !

Water 💧 element ..Pisces ✨️ ♥️

The impacts of our EMOTIONAL choices of behaviors .

Pisces ..Oceanic/ High Tides / Sea anomalies / issues on the Salt Water regions / Aquatic anomalies..

The "creatures" of the deep!

Whales 🐋 dolphins 🐬 octopus 🐙

Crabs 🦀 all Fish 🐟 residing in the Ocean realms .

Neptune/ Poseidon..

Mythical Rulers of the Oceans!

Mer-Kingdoms ..Mermaids..

Sea monsters..lochness 🌊..Sirens..Pirates on the move !

Secret buried treasures ??

Discoveries on the ocean floors..

Activists EXPOSING toxic substances being dumped into our Mother 🌎 Earth's Water ways !!

Shipping 🚢 oddities..exposing nefarious cargo/ container "Secrets!"

Saturn ruled our March 25th Lunar Eclipse..due to the fact it was in sign Libra ♎️ ..Venus rules Libra ♎️.

Venus at the time was in Pisces ♓️

( the Yin / Divine feminine energies)

Saturn also in Pisces/ March 25th

This Solar eclipse..

Mars is in Pisces ♓️ ..

Mars governs Yang ☯️/

Masculine power..

Mars is in Pisces ♓️

So AGAIN..SATURN IN PISCES influences both these Springtime dual eclipses!!

Locate the PISCES ♓️ ZONES / House in your birth map!

The main signs involved with the eclipse launches ?,

Aries / Pisces / & Taurus ♉️

Jupiter aligns with Uranus in April!

All modalities Astrologically are getting these energetic pulses !

Mutable signs of Gemini ♊️/ Sagittarius / Virgo ♍️ & Pisces ♓️ feel the fated changes & upheaval in their relationship sectors

Virgo ♍️- significant partner dynamics in intimate relationships & Behind the scenes legal / financial settlements !

Gemini ♊️- Long term goals/ projects/ taking your power BACK !!!

♐️ Sagittarius..Since 2017..7 years ago ..your private intimate areas got a hard hit !!!

Now your rise up triumphant ..wiser from that fall!

Pisces ♓️ the last 2 years of personal internal conflicts have tested you to the core psychologically!

YOU NEED TO change your constant monkey mind ..blathering mouth!

YOU are driving your own self into stress based disease challenges !!

So..unless you need "more attention " from hospitals ..doctors intervention..therapists ALL TRYING to help you get it together ..WAKE UP.

MOVE MORE..MOSTLY ..into daily gratitude !!

Be THANKFUL first & foremost!!

Not..always anxious about WHAT could go wrong..HOW YOU..must be in control!!

You are the very one..driving thus internal anxiety..nervous collapse train!

Let it go..

Fixed signs :

Scorpio ♏️/ Taurus ♉️

Leo ♌️/ Aquarius ♒️

The Taurus duo..Jupiter/ Uranus alignment in Earthy Taurus ♉️

Happens close to our April 23-24 Scorpio ♏️/ Wesak / Buddha Full Moon.

Unresolved issues from your past..get cleared up / moved away.

Fortunate financial modes arrive over the next 6-7 months..

Romantic allegiances occur.

There can be intense awakenings via love connections now designed by destiny !

A "changing of the guard.."

Kismet !!!

Cardinal signs :.

Aries ♈️ ♎️ Libra ..

Spotlight of shock & Awe is upon you !

Huge life changes.

Aries - have you learned yet to CURB that sharp tongue 👅..self destructive temper fits as / when you don't get things your way fast enough ?

Learn decorum techniques !!!

Capricorn ♑️ Soul mate strengths ..with

Power plays in business ..You'll be doing a concise "weed & feed " of coworkers !

Hired help etc.

Cancer ♋️

& Capricorn ♑️


You are now ( again )..learning

WHY YOU MUST let go of directing or expecting another to behave only to your standards or beliefs!

CANCERS csn "cling!!!"

Be too needy emotionally..

You KNOW how to help another feel nurtured..pampered ..cared for..

However ..

you can secretly HAVE expectations ..strings attached to your "generosity " or intimate ways of giving !!!

like expect THEM to do exactly the same for you..


"love languages are different !" get TOO SET in your ways !

It's a mask attempt to protect your deep insecurities!

Stop that too tight psychological grip on those you love !

Practice more tolerance !

You get passive aggressive quickly ..putting verbal judgment or criticism upon loved ones.

You'll be ALONE ..if you don't allow another to be themselves !!

Level Up..stop acting out like a parent ..afraid to let a child develop their unique ways of behaving.

If someone slips up..makes that mistake them learn..rather than just condemnation !

Aries reminds your sign to allow fresh new WAYS of living ..rather than STUCK in the past..or limited by your painful childhood memories !!

Ask my PAST still dominating my current life choices ??

Am I STUCK back in those fears of losing..being rejected ?!!!!

Wake up to fresh options!

Lighten more playful..

Laughter is a grand benefit between couples !!!

Stop pouting ..feeling insecure if they dont call you..text back so much in a given day !!!


These March / April dual eclipses

Along with their conjunction exactly to Chiron 19 degrees of #Aries..

Joining also up to North Node in Aries ♈️/ South Node Libra ♎️

PUSH THE arrogant types OUT OF POWER

Clear away SELF ENTITLED toxic types of rulers..

The Powers that Be..Will cease to Be !

Their erect ego based behaviors against "We The People " shall now Fail !

Autumn 🍂 eclipses bring the nefarious agendas DOWN !!!

JUST watch..

The pendulum now is swinging BACK in favor of..WE THE PEOPLE !

NOT..Worldly leaders locking 🔒 us down !!

And..a soft suggestion from yours truly : a savvy time to have your Celestial chart consult / update !

This is a solar maximum year..the Solar Eclipse at regal 19 degrees WILL

/ DOES IGNITE significate course corrections !

invest in yourself !!

learn these 7-10 month ahead specific areas set to be ground zero in your personal life dynamics !

I have over 30 years of seasoned Astrological skill sets !!

Both in media venues & one on one teaching / interpreting Celestial mechanics

Im very reasonably priced for my years of professional study..teachings !

So..invest in your own empowerment!

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