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April impacts !

April 2024..

Wowza month of year 2024!

First..our Numerological vibration is

12/ 3 ..( 2+0+2+4 =8)

April 4th month of 2024..

8+4=12 / 1+2=3

April is a month of impactful information streaming through!!

Apply your soul gifts to ascertain WHAT DATA or wordings are REALLY truths!

April 8th Solar Eclipse in Aries ♈️

Eclipses ARE NOT OVER just because they happen on dates like

March 25th / Full Moon Eclipse


April 8th Solar Aries ♈️ Eclipse!

These are just the RELEASE /

LAUNCH point dates ..

Thus..these Aries / Libra "Celestial Rockets 🚀 "; take off ..New vision Quests..sojurns commences in our Aries ♈️ Libra ♎️ houses..& planets !

Wherever these 2 Cardinal signs are in your birth ✨️ chart..are THE SPECIFIC themes of life activity over the next 87-90 days emotionally..

《 Moon 🌙-Moods》3-24/25 2024

& the Solar Eclipse will span over the next y-12 months also !!!

Learn your own Astrological charts!

April’s Top Five Astro-Events

1. Mercury in Aries turns retrograde on the 1st and slips backwards through this assertive, impulsive sign until it turns direct on the 25th. Patience is key to avoiding thoughtless or imprudent actions. Communications tend to be ambiguous, delayed, or misinterpreted, so pay attention when giving or receiving information. This phase covers the tax season: be extra careful in preparing paperwork. Watch out for the small mistakes, missing data, or incorrect statements that are normal during Mercury’s retrograde passage. Make sure the IRS gets the right numbers on time. During the Solar Eclipse on the 8th, Mercury conjoins Eris, the goddess of chaos and discord. Be on the lookout for spam and hackers around this time. On the plus side, Mercury retrograde can facilitate going over records and journals to better prepare for the future.

2. The Solar Eclipse on the 8th happens to be exactly conjunct Chiron, with all three – the Sun, Moon, and Chiron – at 19º24’ Aries. This extraordinary cosmic event can bring major life changes to anyone with their Sun or Moon, or other natal planet within three degrees of this eclipse point or opposite it. The trines and squares to the 19º Aries/Libra polarity aren’t especially significant. In general, the focus on Chiron may bring health issues or other developments that wound the psyche in some fundamental way. Arrogance and narcissistic behavior lead to the downfall of those influenced by this eclipse. The contrary is also true: those who have done the Inner Work may experience tremendous and exceptional healing. A potential benefit of this total eclipse of the Sun is finding your true path in life rather than doing what is expected.

3. Mars conjoins Saturn on the 10th, an important developmental cycle that recurs every two years. Mars and Saturn are the celestial architects of life, with Saturn providing ambition and structure while Mars brings the drive and energy to accomplish goals. This time, the conjunction takes place in ethereal Pisces, which is generally not so conducive to the more practical sides of Mars and Saturn. Mars and Saturn here can frustrate the normal fast-paced business side of life unless the feelings of others are more carefully considered. Mars and Saturn in Pisces work best through the visualization process and understanding the more spiritual side of life. Are your earthly goals in tune with your beliefs? Getting these two aligned is key to taking advantage of this dynamic. Then you become more reliable, decisive, and capable of breaking through resistance.

4. Black Moon Lilith trines Uranus on the 12th, and then Jupiter on the 25th, but this favorable dynamic is in effect (within one degree) all month. Lilith is in craft-oriented, duty-conscious Virgo, which emphasizes the hidden powers at play beyond our manifest reality. The highly favorable trine to the epic Jupiter-Uranus conjunction can be felt at the soul level and as the invisible influences shaping events. The trine suggests the more beneficent life forces in play, whether you call them guardian angels, spirit guides, or mysterious synchronicities. Since Mercury is retrograde, look for messages outside your normal information sources. Notice coincidences and intuit their higher meaning. Lilith trine Jupiter and Uranus this month offers wonderfully creative new ways of doing work, fascinating developments in the office, and finding hidden patterns in details.

5. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction takes place on the 20th in the earthy sign of Taurus. This astro-event along with the Solar Eclipse marks April as a highly developmental month, both personally and geopolitically. Some astrologers have suggested that this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction may be highly dangerous, volatile, or a super troublemaker. While some people may experience this, the opposite is also true, or even more likely for those who have prepared for sudden breakthroughs. This can take place in a variety of ways, but includes unexpected professional success, promotion, or intellectual insight that changes your path going forward. Others may experience this dynamic as a need to move on from stagnant situations, or to otherwise separate from habitual patterns that aren’t satisfying. This Jupiter-Uranus conjunction stimulates independence, inventiveness, optimism about the future, and finding your unique path in life.

Our APRIL 8TH #Solar #Eclipse is also a #supermoon #NewMoon

My next LIVE AUDIENCE BROADCAST is on the Solar Eclipse EVE


YouTube Channel

Lighting the void radio

Facebook page live

Lighting the void ✨️

Aries ♈️ denotes energies that prompt

Beginning projects..initiations ..bold risk taking styles of upgrading your life choices.."dawnings!!"

It's about teaching all of us to better manage our triggers..our ANGER expressions !

This cycle is going to reveal just how stuck we can be in our own immaturity.

Those childish temper tantrums.

& .ego driven behaviors !!!

Level it up folks !


Aries opposite sign Libra ♎️ helps refine our bougie attitudes.

Learn to really hear the other person's needs..concerns & yes..criticisms about your attitudes or addictive impulses.

Aries ♈️ is the precocious child ..

The immaturity we all must RISE beyond.

And..where discipline must occur.

Anger management is an ARIES ♈️ challenge . April..we get an up close & personal course ..lessons ..involving navigating around Anger.

Bullying ...sarcastic hurtful words..

Too dominant of an attitude relating to our key partners!

Aries ♈️ is I AM

Libra ♎️ is We can.

Mirrors !!!

Look at your own attirudes..

Your own procrastination factors.

Where & WHAT generates pressure upon you..

Last minute dead lines ...under pressure types of scenarios !!!

Look objectively ..not..just your own opinion!


Don't react in haste ..

Or..jump to conclusions..

Search the facts first..instead of assuming!!!

April 1st Mercury is Rx retrograde..

Me vs Thee dynamics..

Aries : explosive ..🔥 fires..volcanic ..electrical/ lightning 🌩 Nature disruptions possible!

Caution ⚠️ with fire arms..while out in crowded travel places..heavily populated transit areas too!!

Aries = War zones ..

The April 8th eclipse is also " supposed " to be when the ( Mad) Scientists


Large Hadron Collider again over in Geneva Switzerland areas.

Yeah..go research THAT underground project !!!!

Portal opener!!!

Much secrecy around that agenda!!!!

War zone negotiations will happen..

Resolutions will happen.

Certain world leaders will be halted in their nefarious agendas dating back to last October..2023!!

Oh comes the whistle-blower revolutionary heroes !!!

Suffice to say..the Ukraine 🇺🇦

/ Russia 🇷🇺

Israel 🇮🇱/ Palestine 🇵🇸 conflicts get concise truth exposure into June 2024!!!

Rapid fire 🔥 ( pun intended ) conflict endings occur..

Popular legal conflicts on global & National levels yield surprising results too!

Make CERTAIN your legal matters have been double checked !!

Tax matters..AND CAUTIONS ⚠️ surrounding real estate contracts !!

This national craziness involving border invaders/ squatters taking over empty apts. / condos / houses ..

Not owned by them ..continue to be building war zones !!!

Be vigilant prepared in food..home security areas!

Trust your instincts !!!

Safety first !!!

Mystic Mary

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