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Star Shaman here to update you dear STAR GAZERS on this months optimal themes!

The big news for our second month of 2016 is a stellar EARTH SIGN TRINE happening

between Venus & Jupiter!

JUPITER is in EARTH SIGN VIRGO & VENUS is now transiting CAPRICORN, as they

dance together in CELESTIAL HARMONY over the 9th -14th it certainly bodes well for

fated sweet moments and meet ups with romantic signatures!

EARTH SIGNS -CAPRICORN / VIRGO/ & TAURUS are now being driven to delve deeply

into their most private regions to ferret out ANY insecurities or blockages embedded

from past disappointments or resentment relationships so that love can bloom!

Signs SCORPIO and CANCER have their focus on security, both domestic & career.

ARIES /SAGITTARIUS/LEO are being pulled into playing cheerleader or team support.

LIBRA & GEMINI are fantasizing about long distant get a way vacations!

AQUARIUS has her future forefront and up center!

VIRGO & PISCES are now in soul lesson 101 training, in that they MUST LET GO of

some former attachments that whether emotional or materialistic; must be released.

The signs MOST in this months spotlight seem to be AQUARIUS/ VIRGO/ LEO/ARIES.

These fabulous 4 are embroiled in deep thought, building their strategies of goals-

desires-& changes set to manifest wildly between March and Septmber!

The "BALANCE"of power during this first week is focused on intense conflict that

involves four planets-( The MOON-VENUS-PLUTO-URANUS.)

CELESTIAL signs of Sagittarius Aries Capricorn are "quivering" for intense changes.

ARIES & SAGITTARIUS are masculine / animus/ positive / electrical type signs,

designed to be assertive-adapt to a "reach out now" mode of behavior.

The Moon, Venus & Pluto are in feminine Cardinal sign of CAPRICORN; & get

nervous -even standoffish when TOO MUCH aggression is hurled their way.

SO, understand this energy crossroads is a whole bunch of sparks of stars

seeking an audience ready to ACT!

February is not a time to be shy about your desires!

Be mindful it is in the STRATEGIC PLAYBOOK celestially to stick to the rules, play




Your STAR SHAMAN will return here soon to elaborate more on further details!

Thank you as always for your support as clients!

Your ASTROLOGICAL CHART readings & INTUITIVE consults help me to continue

to rescue / foster animals in crisis!

My gratitude to you shines from those dear animals eyes as they feel safe!

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