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Virgo Full Moon


March 6th / 7th 2023

Today's Virgo Full Moon is all about healing and getting healthy. We are so needing too, in order to better integrate the changes happening within the body. The frequencies are going up this year massively. That’s why it’s so important to be raising your own personal frequency. Things like feeling good, being in love and gratitude, doing things that feed your soul, finding forgiveness, healing, eating high vibe foods, meditation, nature, having fun and laughing, exercise, cleaning up your personal space, being kind and of service, listening to music, and to be around more positive people will all help you with your energy. This Full Moon is about letting go. Saturn is Shifting into Pisces the 7th too. This is The Most Important Astrological Shift Of 2023. Saturn is the Teacher, Cosmic Taskmaster, and Ruler Of Time and Karma. This alignment can help us to shift the heavy energies of the past and to find love and forgiveness. Any shift into Pisces helps us to find completion. This alignment will help us to shift out of the past and into that future we have been manifesting. This Virgo Full Moon is helping us to lay the foundation. It’s all about those physical manifestations. Earth signs are the builders of the zodiac. All about your intentions you’re putting out for the future right now. This alignment is going to help us to heal and release any sacral chakra blocks. Pay attention to any creative ideas you are getting. Especially ones that you think are helpful to the collective, or can generate money. The Virgo Full Moon is reminding you to really take care of yourself. It will show you areas in which you have been too worried about the needs of others. This is the Worm Moon, but also the Sugar Moon. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. All about clear communication this shift. That may be for needing some boundaries. You may be feeling heightened energies and heightened emotions right now. We are shifting towards the Spring Equinox. Which will also shift us into a New Astrological Year, and a New Season. The Equinox is bringing huge energies this year. Expect longer days and the nights to warm up.

Saturn moving now into Pisces for the next 3 years.Yeats..

Is a "Cinderella effect "..

Saturn: Your Fairy Godmother ..

Creative Muse...granting you the magical rare opportunity..with that one rule ; when the clock strikes midnight !!!!

The " Magic " of the moment..

Meeting up with your prince..

Glass slippers..

Believe..your Fated Beloved..

Is manifesting..

Truly !

Listen to your Heart ❤️

That Fire 🔥 of thy soul..

Mystic Mary

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