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Solstice Blessings /"Soul Still!"

Capricorn ♑️ Live Broadcast 12-22

Thursday night 🌙

Pacific time/ Midnight Eastern time

"SOUL STILL" Where the Medicine Wheel direction of The North..opens!

Honoring All Spiritual Guardians

Angelic Presence/ Great Mystery


Our Divine alignment medicine way is now here..Seek ✨️ release your strife !

Winter / Capricorn is designed to level up our life path choices..

Buffalo is the medicine animal totem.

Endurance ..strength in the barren cold cycles of this Earth walk..

Knowing WHEN..accepting as it's time to move on..

A better / different pasture is needed.

Discernment skills!

Realizing how valuable freedom from pain..emotional prison ..lack of worth scenarios truly can be.

Blessings in disguise..welcoming your Faith in the Divine Source Designs of our Earth 🌎 Walk.

All these 2022 year end planetary energies in Capricorn..grant resolve to overcome !

Mars Gemini Rx (Retrograde )

Forces us out of denial .

The biggest teaching / lessons orbiting about us..

Stop ✋️ just..listening to "their" WORDS!

Empty promises !

Another's ACTIONS ..REVEALS who they really are.

Actions..."SPEAK " true agendas

Move away from situations..people..places that have shown you that REASON & SEASON in your life has to NOW Change!


Get out of your psychological prisons!

Mercury ( governs sign Gemini / Virgo)

Retrogrades 12 -29 in the austere sign of Capricorn ♑️ also!

We will begin our #NewYear2023

With the task of uncluttered!

What weighs us down..

How do we lighten up..

Where are we emotional hoarders??

Give more away ..bless another..

2023 is a "7" Numerological vibration year..

Violet light transmutations.transmutation..

Clearing the sludge & dross from our vital life force fields !

Summon your Divine Source alchemy in motion.

Allow Supernatural GRACE Frequencies to enter into your entirety!

Ask...Receive Divine Source Alignments.

Mystic Mary

Astrological New Year 2023 insight consults by appointment.

Invest in life coaching..Intuitive enhancing readings..

Seek professional advice from those who can help lift your stagnated pain.

Pain & fear paralyze..Faith & Courage fortify .

Where are YOU currently ?

Get unstuck.

Book yourself a reading ..

Mystic Mary

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