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Soul healing

This weekend is an optimal cycle to heal old Habits adopted from when we were stressed in our past..

For example

Saturn ( our karmic professor)

Was last in sign Capricorn in 1990 thru 1993..

What were your stress factors then?

Main life themes / challenges to overcome ..physically AND


This last 3 years..Saturn has been again in its strongest zodiac sign of Capricorn ♑️..headed into a new life teaching cycle of Aquarius ♒️ over March 7th.

I advise you to pause..& incorporate a new meditative ..prayerful stance of

Calling the Archangels to help YOU release..clear away..cleanse the former

Versions of yourself that formed in this lifetime ...when & as your had to confront strife..loss..fears..illnesses..

A death..physically ..of a dear one ; or sudden deaths of jobs..friends..a liver!

Divorce those former versions you had to create ..then.

It's HIGHLY EFFECTIVE to gaze back..heal the sadness..angers..pain from"then" you've successfully

UNPACKED your psychic & psychological baggage going forward.

On this grand adventure of our Lives.

Do the objective !

If it's too hard..Book a session with me

I'll guide you through it

Mystic Mary

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