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Saturn Pisces ♓️

March 7th 2023..Captain of consequences..Saturn..( Chronos) Teacher of time..lessons's tests..trials ..temptations & graduations - moves into the 12th Zodiac sign Pisces ♓️

This has not occurred since 1993 -1996.

Pisces is governed by Neptune / Poseiden..King over the Seas..

Neptune Pisces ♓️ will help " direct" the frequencies of Saturn moving through this mysterious signs dynamics .

Saturn adds a stern foundation regarding one's former tendency to sink into escapism traps like substance abuse..remaining in denial rather than facing our frailties..our vulnerability fears.

Saturn "is" the needed therapist..intervention moments.

Pisces involves our chosen spiritual beliefs; where our soul gets its fuel.

Saturn is helping us to focus deeper upon HOW & WHY ( even if); these long held rules ..concepts still are alive in this life !

Your " Holy Fire" of Spirit..

Soul powers..Supernatural powers coming forth in 3D tangible ways

Saturn in water sign Pisces ♓️ will teach all of us how Valuable setting boundaries are!

“At some point on the journey, you may reach a point where you want to ease the throttle of transformation. Not where you stop growing, but where you stop utilizing your will to effect personal change. You're still growthful, but it's different. It's gentler, and more about accepting what is, than changing it. You reach a place where you are more embracing of who you are, and of how far you have come, and you feel ready to work with what you've got. It's important to notice this moment, if it arrives. Because there is a real peace in that tender self-acceptance. And, ironically, it may ignite the most profound change of all.”

— Jeff Brown

Pisces modalities of healing ..holistic "medicine " involve music 🎶 dance

Ceremonial alchemy moments.

Angelic Presence..

Supernatural GRACE - Forcefields of Divine Source Guidance..

Becoming active in our daily life.

This is a potent cycle to delve into unique modalities of natural healing .

Acupuncture..Reiki..Breathwork..color meanings ..touch..tapping..& so many more methods of releasing embedded stress states!

The power of prayer..Will be tangible .

It's time we come to discernment .

Sacred Source "tools" are coming forth.

Learn the definition differences..

Pray vs prey..

What's a predator factor in your life ..

What has too strong of a hold on you?

Where is that vulnerability fear..

Taking better care of our digestion

( Virgo ♍️) & our feet ( Pisces ♓️) will be the main energy centers needing attention over the next 3 years .

Any Religious / Political / New Age

Charlatans ...Will have major problems ;

The dark agendas ..driven by greed ..or manipulative lust for power..will fall!

Huge exposures ..secrets coming to light involving corrupt doctors ..pharmaceutical companies ..corrupt hospitals..Medical groups etc will be under scrutiny!

Think back..1993 into 1996 ..who or what were the huge challenges that you faced..that you ultimately had to overcome?

May ALL your life tests..lessons & trials by error occur with soul empowerment.

Mystic Mary

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