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Our Pisces ♓️ Celestial Season Reaches into our primal/ private zones emotionally.

We have stronger dreams..we are now being urged by our Divine Source Guides to face & overcome those psychological challenges that "haunt " our peace of mind!

Our upcoming March 6th / 7th Full Moon will be in Virgo ♍️

Both these zodiac signs :

Pisces & Virgo are portals / energetic signs designed to HEAL..

PISCES: By facing up to fears of rejection..learning shadow release work..offering empathic spiritual compassion.

Intuitive interface

VIRGO: By applying discipline to holistic protocols ..naturopathy over just medical "bandaids" therapies.

Herbal..flower..psychological therapies

Join me..your Mtn Mystic..on the evening of February 28th..

8pm Eastern time

For my Astrological Analysis of our Virgo ♍️ Full Moon & huge Planetary transits insights of

Saturn moving into Pisces ♓️!

YouTube channel

EnlightenUp / Nicole Frolick

8pm Eastern time/ 2-28

Bless you

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