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Mercury Direct

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

January 18th..Mercury turns Direct again in 8 degrees of Capricorn ♑️

I heard this take on Mercury Retrograde.

Think of a fast train then God says Woah slow down the train and put it in reverse now it's helping the people who have missed the train or boat to jump in and catch up with us that's the purpose of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Rx makes people more receptive to metaphysics and spirituality it brings affairs from people from the past. It is an opportunity given by God, Mercury Rx wants you to go backwards and realise what you've missed. It also affects the GPS of animals.

Supermoon/ New Moon 🌚 in Aquarius ♒️ over January 21st..

Our independent aspects of personality roar up!

Attitudes of : " Don't push me " or "Stop telling me what to do !" Will be expressed .

This last week of January urges independent strengthening modes!


Romans 12:12..

Get out from under self created prison doors !

Evolve !

Mystic Mary

Supermoon Aquarius ♒️ January 21st

The aquarian “aloof and detached” stereotype is played out. I think for Aquarians, it’s really a matter if they are interested enough in someone or something to put their energy into. They truly need to be mentally stimulated to be invested. One thing I love about Aquarius energy is that they are not only the innovators but they are also the problem solvers and solution finders. They have the perfect combination of Saturn logic and Uranus intuition that guides them in the right direction toward progress.

Next live audience broadcast January

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