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May Delites 2024

Our 5th month of 2024.

Taurus ♉️ Earth 🌎 element is strong!

Venus moved into Taurus ♉️ joining Uranus ..Jupiter & the Sun!

Over May 7th -8th ..the New Moon 🌚 will emphasize our Celestial energies of material world pleasures..

Those grand moments of awesome food..

Sunset 🌇 cocktails..

Fun sporting venues ..

Engaging in serenity..the sweet spots of living !

What & why we choose where we will invest our time & resources !!

Living Large ..yep..

Making the most of what we have..

Raw contentment !

Soft moments ..such is true living !!!

Seeking the simple things..

Paying it forward with kindness

Mars moved into Aries ♈️

This sign is #1..

Aries ♈️ is the fire 🔥 of desire !

How we pursue our goals..

Summon courage..strength to begin trust!

Inventiveness ..

Taurus is sensual ..Core level intuitive pursuits ..

Artistic psychological dances !

Home cooking ..

Gardening ..the absolute sense of accomplishment in growing your own


Sewing ..painting..

Changing up your hairstyles..

Upgrading your confidence..

It's a great cycle to level up!

Move beyond those past fears ..

Choose again..

It's a time to expand ..Enjoy..

If "that's what's been missing; find out how to believe again !"

Fresh starts..

Heart pursuits ..

Taurus energy slows it ALL DOWN..

That porch swing ..

Woodland walks..

Time spent with kids..

Best friends ..

Cherished ones..

Make the time..'s time !!!

Lean into these RICH opportunities of SEEING the best..the sweet blooms in your life garden..

Pursue seeds of contentment..

Be at peace NOW.. the point in our life that deserves our full attention..



Lean into your peaceful requirements.

Stop hesitating ..

Beauty is all around you .

Be the witness to it.


My next upcoming live Astrological podcast will be May 7th

YouTube Channel

Lighting the void radio

Host : Joe Rupe

Join us..

I gift my Astrological Analysis forecast each month ..

In the second hour of our show- it shifts to psychic readings for our live audience..

Join us..

It's lively ..

Profound & magical !

I promise !

Mystic Mary

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