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Mars direct

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

January 12th..Mars ( our drive..goals) retrograde since October 30th zodiac sign of Gemini ♊️ turns direct.

The psychological leashes unlock 🔑

We have been shown the two sides of our dilemma!

Who & how false faces & words have been taking our energies down.

"Dark vs. The Light " Soul battlefields.

THE WORDS / THE VOICE / INTENTIONS are are up front & very challenging!

Since late October 2022.

Our eyes have been forced to open !

No more looking away / see it as it IS.

It's akin to the biblical story in Exodus:

Moses encountering the Mystic burning 🔥 bush..casting prophetic words!

No turning back ..choose wiser!

Where have you allowed darkness..fear over faith!??

He who angers you..controls you.

Stop expecting "YOU" in others.

Spirit has slowed down your life ..many through flu..lethargic modes..two faced liars & con artists that have deliberately used ones kindness in order to grab their way..

False faces playing their greedy games.

Get out the door 🚪 of this predator.

ItIt'your reckoning point !

January 12th into the 21st 2023.

Eyes wide open.

Mars will station Direct tomorrow, January 12. Although we might feel overwhelmed, tired, anxious, or hopeless as Mars finishes its retrograde (the planet of drive and forward motion standing still in the sky is always a little jarring), it's good to take this time to pause, breathe, and acknowledge all we've been learning about the motivations behind our moods, actions and thought processes.

Pat yourself on the back—it's not been easy. Mars retrograde only comes every two years for a reason!

The concurrent Mars and Mercury retrogrades have been manifesting for a lot of people as heightened anxiety and a special sensitivity to our own internal triggers; this sensitivity can be hard to manage, but if we are paying attention it is also definitely a gift of this time to be more aware of what brings up reactivity in us and others, and how, and why. It's an opportunity to care for ourselves better, and to understand our own and others' true motivations and activations more clearly.

When planetary energies are retrograde, external events might blur a bit and seem to be repeating old patterns, but our internal processing is heightened and sharpened, and some clear understanding can come about the patterns and past occurrences that have built our inner landscapes. It is a time of re-working of old information for new understanding.

An interesting feature of this Mars retrograde is that it occurs in Mercury's sign of domicile, Gemini—while Mercury's retrograde occurs in Mars' sign of exaltation, Capricorn.

Each planet's retrograde ends at 8 degrees of Gemini and Capricorn, respectively, which form a quincunx, although Mercury won't station Direct until the 18th of January.

This quincunx energy of the two signs is significant right now; we might be aware of a dissonance, and making adjustments as we understand things that just don't jive, or accepting that certain situations are unworkable, or at least, unworkable as long as we keep seeing and approaching them in the way we've been used to.

As we make adjustments according to our new understanding, we can be freed to approach old problems from a new angle. The new information we are gaining is crucial for developing more maturity, compassion and understanding.

With that Mercury in Capricorn we are learning how to communicate and think in more mature ways, and also processing a lot of familial and cultural patterning. Maybe something about parents or authority figures is coming to light through the ongoing process of this Mercury Rx. As Mars has been in Gemini, there's a strong learning component to our actions, drives and motivations; it seems everything we do has something to teach. (Exhausting! Haha).

So we continue to seek out more healthy coping mechanisms for our triggers as we move about our days and among the many activities which we might seek out to fulfill our myriad desires and bolster our will to live (real talk, winter is hard). If there are things that are difficult to face, we might sometimes fall in the pit between distractions (Gemini things!)--this is where we might stumble, but stay curious. There are teachings in the between spaces too.

Open your eyes..lies are empty words Get out of these sinister spiderweb.

Your addiction to high drama is draining you..stealing your future dreams !

Why do you CHOOSE to stay in mayhem?

Do you not have faith ?

Invoke the Divine Source Presence

Ask..God me ..

Direct my course now.

Do it..get the life therapy..intuitive advice ..Keys of strength ♡

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