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Libra Full Moon Broadcast

April 4th / 8pm / Pink Moon 🌙 Libra Astrological Analysis broadcast!

Full Moon week..

Libra ( Our Pink Moon/ seeds planted..)

Gestation sparks started!

Easter week..

From " Grave to Grace .."

Some of you..have gone through "stuff"

That could've/ should've " killed ya..

Going through Fires 🔥 of hell.

There is ONLY 1 letter difference in these words:

Grave / Grace ..

Rise up!

Into that #GRACE frequency

What Supernaturally..Spiritually "saved" you ..then..


#ressurection dynamics 101

The Pheonix rises above its spontaneous combustion !

Time to ARISE !

REBUKE ANY...All dark forces or lures!

Summon the Sacred Light..

Call forth the Grace Frequencies!

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