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June 17th Venus moves into sign ♋️ 🦀 Cancer

On The Energies

Venus has shifted into Cancer today. Expect a much more intentional and even emotional approach to love and money. Expect a huge love boost with this alignment. You’ll find it easier to express your feelings and connect on a deeper emotional level. Expect dreamy vibes all about your love life. This period is bringing energies for emotional healing and renewal. Love is in the air. Summer is here and we shift into Cancer Season and do the Summer Solstice on the same day, the 20th. Expect a lot of healing for your emotional body, and clearing of old emotions. This is major inner child healing vibes. It’s all about shifting into connections that meet your emotional needs. Venus stays in Cancer until July 11th. That makes the next 3 weeks all about our relationships. This is good news for your love life. Expect a lot of healing in that area. Cancer is a family oriented sign. Cancer is the only sign that is ruled by the Moon. It’s all about connecting with your own intuition and guidance over the next few weeks. Expect major upgrades as we move through the energies of the Solstice. This is a time where we connect with Sirius, our Spiritual Sun and receive some major upgrades. It’s a great time to be setting your intentions around love and money for the rest of the year to manifest your desires.

#Sirius dog star..

We seek the safety / security emotionally of true loyalty.

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Tuesday eve June 18th..

8pm Eastern


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