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February 16th-18th

As we move away from the Air / Skyworld / Mind sign of Aquarius ♒️ into the Deep emotion riddled watery Sign of Pisces ♓️ over February 18th..

Our intuition arises to guide us.

Dreams will get strong..

The messages & symbols stark enough to awaken us better enhance our "remembering !"

Past embedded memories that have attached feelings..arise also.

We again..question:

Why did they REJECT me..push me away..judge or shame how or who I naturally was?

Why..was I made to feel less than ..

They..only giving their parental ( then later as we grew older) our choice of lovers..why ..did I hunt love..affection..from others so thirsty for that " TOUCH "...of intimate approval??

That overwhelmed feeling of..not enough.."unless"..I did it their way..believed as " They did!"

It starts in our earliest childhood story..

Sometimes even..with the conditions around our birth experience !

Was our Earth birth easy on mom..

We're their complications ..extra fright..or pain connected to our arrival??

It indeed..embeds into our primal subconscious!

This weekend is an optimal cycle to heal old "Habits" adopted from when we were stressed in our past..

For example

Saturn ( our karmic professor)

Was last in sign Capricorn in 1990 thru 1993..

Saturn was last in Aquarius ♒️ then..

At the latter part of 1993 through 1995..

These were intimate turning points of our emotional lives.

So ..look back..time travel 1993 /95..

What were your stress factors then?

Main life themes / challenges to overcome ..physically AND


This last 3 years..Saturn has been again in its strongest zodiac sign of Capricorn ♑️..headed into a new life teaching cycle of Aquarius ♒️ over March 7th.

I advise you to pause..& incorporate a new meditative ..prayerful stance of

Calling the Archangels to help YOU release..clear away..cleanse the former

Versions of yourself that formed in this lifetime ...when & as your had to confront strife..loss..fears..illnesses..

A death..physically ..of a dear one ; or sudden deaths of jobs..friends..a liver!

Divorce those former versions you had to create ..then.

It's HIGHLY EFFECTIVE to gaze back..heal the sadness..angers..pain from"then" you've successfully

UNPACKED your psychic & psychological baggage going forward.

On this grand adventure of our Lives.

Do the objective !

If it's too hard..Book a session with me

I'll guide you through it

Mystic Mary

This 2023 Pisces ♓️ Celestial Season offers us a once in 29 years..window of deep level healing .

Saturn enters Pisces ♓️ in early March 2023..

Venus is already there..The Solar cycle commences on the 18th..

Look back..30 years ago

1993 into 1995..

This..timeline-was when Saturn last moved through sign Pisces ♓️

Great emotional / psychological reference point to ponder!

What were your struggles emotionally..

What strengths did you learn..what fears..insecurities did you conquer ?

What inner pain..or emotional fractures are you STILL carrying ??

Time heal..those triggers

That..shadow work must happen so these long held stresses don't actually make you physically sick!

It all begins at your soul/ spiritual level.

Pisces ♓️ 🌚 Season..

Dive deeper than ever before.

These "oceans of emotions"

Are tides of needed change.

Detox time.


Mystic Mary

Next Live audience broadcast will be February 20th 10pm Eastern time

New..earlier show time !

10pm Eastern!

Blessings 🙌

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