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Broadcast 1-23

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Monday night 1-23 Aquarius Supermoon Astrological Analysis broadcast night.

Midnight Eastern/ 9PM Pacific time

First hour : Mystic Mary/ gifts us her Celestial Weather forecast themes for our Solar Aquarius ♒️ planetary transits.

Second hour..We take audience calls with Mary sharing her clairvoyant/ Oracle messages..


It's Monday night 1-23 Midnight Eastern 9PM Pacific time

Blessings 🙌

Our January 21st New Moon / Supermoon is occurring at 1-2 degrees of Air sign Aquarius ♒️

The symbolic artist definitions of this Celestial degree are : Unexpected life changes / sudden Life storms..

How that thunderstorm roars forth in the night..

Listen :

Mystic Mary

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