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Aries 2023

March 20th Aries ♈️ New Moon

Astrological New Year broadcast forecast link

Click on the highlighted link above !

March 20th..

The Vernal Equinox live broadcast forecast!

Pluto in Aquarius themes for all signs

"Saturn March 7th entered sign Pisces ♓️ / Pluto moves into Aquarius ♒️ over March 26th 2023.."

We all now have a new Celestial room mate : Saturn living alongside us for the next 3 years.

It's "room" is the PISCES house in our Birth chart ..

Pluto our new landlord !

The "Aquarius " house

( natal chart zone ) where major psychological & soul level transformations will happen.

Saturn ..our Pisces spice roommate

Pluto..our landlord in charge !

Mystic Mary

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1 Comment

Mar 22, 2023

Thank you for posting! The version that got uploaded as a podcast is last month's so it's a good thing you had the file.

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