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Aquarius comet 2-3

Our rare " green comet" appears over February 2nd..

Pisces ♓️/ Virgo / Gemini ♊️ / Sagittarius ♐️ born are in a personal phase of reckoning..trying to get a better grip on their life stressors through February 8th..

Just before our micro Full Moon at 16 degrees of Leo ♌️

There will be a Celestial square ( 90 degrees ) of Taurus ♉️ ( Uranus transit)

to both the Sun ☀️ in Aquarius ♒️ & of course the Lunation of 16 Leo ♌️

angle is a power play of our own will!

You'll certainly bear witness to rude,

selfish people..that are so absorbed into what they want or need ; they can totally ignore ANYONE else's needs !

February 4th -6th will be very " telling "

Best to side step arrogant personalities !

Oh..don't be one either !!

Tempers can flare quickly ..

Accidents happen involving losing one's grip or balance !

Don't get distracted by multi tasking !

This is not the cycle to be messy / extra or bougie!!

Sarcastic remarks can sever a once close relationship!

Venus in soft Pisces ♓️ will square to Mars in Gemini ♊️ over February 4th / 5th..

Blurred lines ..word games ..misunderstanding modes!

The biggest issue will be due to the other person NOT LISTENING..

Pushing THEIR agenda or wants.

Take note of this Cosmic tension zone-

Don't push..cause YOU don't want to be pushed either.

At least..exposure of some needed truths will come forth!

Once we are no longer in psychological limbo...viable moves & necessary changes can be put into place !

Puzzle gets solved eh???

Good !

Hidden agendas are hit with spotlights !

Please 🙏 also stay very aware / alert when out in crowds or in transit.

Be proactive regarding " stranger dangers ! "

If it feels odd..weird..get away !

Make sure ALSO that your beloved pets are secured !

It's a Leo ♌️ moonrise.Moonrise..

And ..coyote mating season !

Safety FIRST !

Blessings 🙌

Mystic Mary

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